Robert van Heumen Composer Improvisor Laptop-Instrumentalist Sound-Designer
(music player)

October 7, 2017

Line Management / concert at Orgelpark469

Time: 20:15h
Location: Orgelpark, Amsterdam
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(8’ | premiere | by Luiz Henrique Yudo)
composition for organ and tape in the series: Woman, Man, Child

Automatic Psychedelic
(15’ | premiere | by Robert van Heumen)
composition for The Busy Drone

(10’ | premiere | by René Baptiste Huysmans)
composition for organ, percussion and tape

(5’ | premiere | by Michael Bonaventure)
composition for Sauer organ

(15’ | premiere | by Robert van Heumen)
composition for color projections, computer, Sauer organ and the Verschueren organ

Chains, Cymbals, Code, Organ
(15’ | premiere | by Felipe Ignacio Noriega, Yung-Tuan Ku and Robert van Heumen)
improvisation: live coding the organ, live sampling the coder, live percussion on the live sampler

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