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Next event on June 2, 2015: Improvisation concert University of Edinburgh

May 15, 2015

Detuning Guitar and Money For Your Whale

Added excerpts from the Zaal 100 concert on May 8 2015. Detuning Guitar and Money For Your Whale + Buhrs + Rood.

May 14, 2015

Shackle Affair with Männer mit Motoren

Sitting in a coffee-n-bread place on Heumarkt Cologne after a great Shackle concert last night with Männer mit Motoren: Sven Hahne and Matthias Muche. So much fun! Sharing similar esthetics in music ánd working methods, it's always a pleasure to work with these men. Recordings were made, so these will become available when we get to it.


Finally found some time to update the Sounds section. This was long time overdue. Added sounds: SpoonDuo, Detuning Guitar, Shackle, GeluidjesFabriek. More to come, after I've mixed more recordings. A modern day dilemma: storage space is cheap, so one tends to record everything - but time to listen and review these recordings is NOT cheap at all.

April 23, 2015


The track Funeral Freeze (based upon a process I developed for MDFreeze) appears on the Nachtstück label compilation Nachtmuziek.

Steenklank 2015

Spring is in the air. Soundtrackcity is continuing their organised Steenklank walks. Experience architecture in sound!

April 21, 2015

Studium Generale at the Art Academy Utrecht

Marcel Wierckx and I 'battled' for sound space during this lecture in the Studium Generale series at the HKU, the art academy of Utrecht, NL. With a room full of students never been exposed to such stuff this gave rise to interesting questions and discussions. Watch the full thing or and excerpt.

March 28, 2015

Shackle Affair with Bassoons and more

Two American duos will be stopped by Amsterdam and were Shackle guests for a workshop at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and for an evening of composed and improvised music at Splendor Amsterdam.

It was a day of of sonic sophistication that ranged from sheer rawness to sublime beauty.

And lots of bassoon with and without electronics!

The duos were:
Of an implacable subtraction
with bassoonist/composer Dana Jessen and composer/performer Paula Mathussen
Architeuthis Walks on Land
with bassoonist/composer Katherine Young and violist/improviser Amy Cimini



March 21, 2015

Göteborg with Jodi Gilbert

Together with vocalist Jodi Gilbert I spend last week in Göteborg Sweden, for two concerts, a lecture and a workshop.

The first concert was in a lovely little coffee place called Viktors Kaffe. With an audience of 20 the space was packed. The other concert was a Brötz Club, a beatiful space on a hill. After a duo by Jodi and myself we played a set with our hosts Michele Collins and Jonny Wartel and special guests Lina Nyberg and John Holmström. A fabulous evening!

The lecture and workshop took place at the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Göteborg. A small group of articulated composers under the hood of Per Anders Nilsson versus a big group of musical improvisors guided by Thomas Jäderlund. A great experience!

February 13, 2015

Shackle at ‘a special evening at the Kunstenlab’

Shackle performed a concert at the Kunstenlab in Deventer, NL. Invited by Harco Rutgers from esc.rec. Shackle played a 50-minute set presenting their Shackle Bits project.


Martijn Holtslag from VPRO's 3voor12 also liked it (in Dutch, translation following soon):

"Een verrassende en spannende reis, waarbij twee muzikanten in opperste concentratie aan het werk zijn om de gemaakte signalen te verwerken tot een klankreis die even zacht als snoeihard durft te zijn. Alsof dat niet spannend genoeg is om te zien, of te horen, worden er korte, stille fragmenten uit oude jaren 20-50 films weergegeven, die net te vaag zijn om te snappen waar het over gaat, maar visueel een prachtige aanvulling geven aan de sfeer. Hierbij zijn niet de beelden maar is het klankbeeld lijdend.

Niet voor de meezingers, niet voor de cafésfeer, niet voor een gezellig avondje bandjes kijken, maar wel een prachtige reis waarbij je even tijd nodig hebt om te verwerken wat je eigenlijk hebt meegemaakt en waarbij de klanken even experimenteel zijn als de uitvoering. Kortom: een bijzondere avond in het Kunstenlab."

The full review can be found here (in Dutch).


The beautiful photos were made by Jelmer Gremmen.

February 5, 2015

The second rehearsal for Detuning Guitar

Yesterday Jasper and I had our second rehearsal of our piece Detuning Guitar, after a great concert the previous week. We spend some time on the various sections, made some changes and did one runthrough. Below some excerpts.

Listen here: STUMBLE

Listen here: VIBRA2

Listen here: FLAG3

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