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Night Call
Night Call is pure suspense, inspired by Painkiller, David Lynch and Ennio Morricone.
Night Call is composed in 2013.
Night Call is a composition by Robert van Heumen for the band IstanPOOL but
Night Call can be performed by any combination of instruments, although an electric guitar should be there.
Night Call uses the Shackle System: a digital cueing systen that will regularly propose new musical sections to the players to play. The proposals will be displayed on an LCD screen visible to the players only. The length of the sections and their order will be somewhat random: some sections will be a bit longer than others and some will occur more often than others. There will be one 'conductor' who can interfere with the system to cancel propositions and to call up new proposals. Each new proposal is counted down in 15 seconds to allow the musicians time to prepare for the new section. The transition to the new section should happen at the count of zero, or later. During countdown the current section should still be played. Transitions can be crossfades or hard cuts. The end will be proposed after 15 minutes. Note: this system is not the Ultimate Ruler, musical decisions always take precedence.

The band IstanPool:
Michael Moore / clarinets, alto saxophone OR Anne La Berge / flutes & electronics
Mark Alban Lotz / flutes & effects
Şevket Akinci / guitars & effects
Giray Gürkal / guitars & effects
Robert van Heumen / laptop-instrument
Korhan Erel / laptop, controllers

Musical sections of Night Call

Slow metal dub
Guitars: slow metal chords
Winds: screaming duo solo, possibly voice thru instrument
Laptops: low rumbles and drones and the occasional drum loop
(sound inspiration: John Zorn's Painkiller)

Subtle static textures
flageolets, multiphonics
hold one sound for a while, then change
(sound inspiration: Giray's Estrangement)

Melodic, David Lynch, D7 no 3rd, sparse
Winds + Robert

Waves of sound, big dynamic range
Guitars + Korhan

Lone rider
Spagetti Western
Michael: melancholic, haunting
Robert: sound effects
(sound inspiration: Ennio Morricone)

Performances of Night Call

Night Call was performed by IstanPOOL on the following dates:

Sound of Night Call

Below is a recording of the premiere of Night Call at Rasa, Utrecht, on October 3 2013.

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The coordinates of this particular performance:
Thu Oct 3 21:51:50 2013 Generator started
Thu Oct 3 21:52:05 2013 Part PAINKILL with length 130 sec
Thu Oct 3 21:54:15 2013 Part STATIC with length 133 sec
Thu Oct 3 21:56:28 2013 Part DRIVE with length 110 sec
Thu Oct 3 21:58:18 2013 Part LONER with length 122 sec
Thu Oct 3 22:00:20 2013 Part WAVES with length 131 sec
Thu Oct 3 22:02:31 2013 Part PAINKILL with length 148 sec
Thu Oct 3 22:04:59 2013 Part LONER with length 162 sec
Thu Oct 3 22:07:07 2013 Part END
Thu Oct 3 22:07:08 2013 Generator stopped
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