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Point-to-Line is an audiovisual installation/composition and a research into the movement from discreet to continuous in sound and image. At the same time an exercise in restriction, pulse and color. Point-to-Line is inspired by Angela Bulloch’s work Macroworld: One Hours3 and Canned, focussing on the idea of de-contextualizing moving-image pixels through extreme amplification, extending this into the sound medium and then re-contextualizing this, recreating purpose. Going from meditation to excitement, from point to line. Taking elements from algorithmic composition, Point-to-Line can be seen as an installation as well as a performance; this is part of the research: giving control of a time-based experience to the audience or placing it in the hands of a performer.

Expositions: January 19, 2017: Museum De Pont, Tilburg NL | work-in-progress, lecture and performance | see announcement in the archive
This project is developed with financial support from the Performing Arts Fund NL.


PointCode is a simplified, online version of Point-to-Line. Written in pure JavaScript, its audience is the world.


Point-to-Organ is a performative version of Point-to-Line, with the composer at the controls, cueing the colorsets, speed and number of blocks. The RGB colors of the blocks generate synthesized sine-tones, trigger notes in Orgelpark's automated Sauer organ, and serves as a score for Michael Bonaventure playing the Verschueren organ. Point-to-Organ premiered on October 7, 2017, at the Line Management concert in Orgelpark.

Point-to-Organ Images


Note: due to the screen-capture process the video quality is lower than in real live.

Below is a live version. Selection of patterns (blue, red, lines, blocks etc) and changes in speed are controlled by the performer. The overall structure is composed.

Below is an automatic version. Selection of patterns (blue, red, lines, blocks etc) and changes in speed are randomly chosen by the software within certain rules.

Screenshots 7 x 4

Screenshots 5 x 4


Point-to-Line: work-in-progress inspired by Macroworld | presented at Museum De Pont

Nederlands versie
Date: Thursday January 19, 2017, 14:00 / 16:00 / 18:00 / 19:00 (concert/talk)
Location: Museum De Pont, Wilhelminapark 1, Tilburg NL
Entrance: free for visitors of the museum (this Thursday the entrance to the museum is also free from 17:00)
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Robert van Heumen is a composer, sound artist and musician using acoustic instruments as well as the computer. Inspired by the installation Macroworld: One Hours3 and Canned by Angela Bulloch (now on show at Museum De Pont) he is currently working on the audio visual installation/composition Point-to-Line. The Performing Arts Fund NL has granted him a stipend for this research and Museum De Pont has offered a space to work and to interact with an audience.

Within this work process Van Heumen hopes to find answers to questions on the combination of sound and image and the structure and tempo of the work. But probably the most important question is the underlying issue regarding the balance between concept and music: should the piece be developed strictly adhering to the concept (like Bulloch), or are deviations allowed to make the experience more ‘enjoyable'?

During the day Van Heumen will present various versions of the concept. The audience is encouraged to give feedback and engage in conversation with the artist. In the evening he will perform a live version of the work and talk about the ideas behind it and the connection with Bulloch’s work. Van Heumen's research during this day focusses on the impact of the work on the public.

Point-to-Line is supported by Museum De Pont, STEIM / Tone and the Performing Arts Fund NL.

Point-to-Line: werk-in-uitvoering geïnspireerd op Macroworld | gepresenteerd bij Museum De Pont

Datum: donderdag 19 januari 2017, 14:00 / 16:00 / 18:00 / 19:00 (concert/lezing)
Locatie: Museum De Pont, Wilhelminapark 1, Tilburg
Toegang: gratis voor museumbezoekers (ivm donderdagavond@depont is De Pont vanaf 17.00 uur ook gratis)
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Componist, geluidskunstenaar en musicus Robert van Heumen maakt gebruik van zowel akoestische instrumenten als de computer. Geïnspireerd door het kunstwerk Macroworld: One Hours3 and Canned van Angela Bulloch (nu te zien in De Pont) werkt hij momenteel aan de audiovisuele installatie/compositie Point-to-Line. Het Fonds Podiumkunsten heeft hem hiervoor een werkbeurs toegekend en museum De Pont ondersteunt Van Heumen tijdens het maakproces.

Binnen dit werkproces hoopt hij vragen te kunnen beantwoorden over de combinatie van geluid en beeld, als wel over de structuur en het tempo van het werk. Maar misschien wel de meest belangrijke vraag gaat over de balans tussen concept en muziek: moet de installatie/compositie strikt conceptueel uitgewerkt worden (zoals Macroworld) of zijn afwijkingen van het concept toegestaan om het werk 'aangenamer' te maken?

Daarom zullen er een dag lang verschillende versies van het concept te zien en te horen zijn in het auditorium van De Pont. Bezoekers worden aangemoedigd om feedback te geven en in gesprek te gaan met de componist. In de avond voert Van Heumen een live versie van de Point-to-Line uit en geeft hij een lezing over de ideeën achter het werk en de connectie met het kunstwerk van Bulloch. Van Heumen wil tijdens deze dag een beter beeld krijgen van de uitwerking van het concept op het publiek.

Point-to-Line wordt ondersteund door Museum De Pont STEIM / Tone en het Fonds Podiumkunsten.

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