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Sonata for 10 pedals

Sonata for 10 pedals (2014, 13')

for harp, Disklavier and live electronics
music and concept by Lucas Wiegerink, electronic design by Robert van Heumen
performers: Anneleen Schuitemaker (Utrecht), Gunnhildur Einarsdóttir (Darmstadt)

‘Sonata for 10 pedals’ is about machine versus man, about pedals versus strings. The three pedals of the Disklavier and the seven pedals of the harp are central: they are played by the harpist, they are amplified by contact microphones and they serve to control the electronics. The sound of the strings and the pedals is sampled and processed in real-time and pre-recorded samples are triggered. The first part is a game of pedals and in the other two parts seven MIDI files from the Disklavier and related series of the harp are introduced one by one. These three parts that emphasize the mechanical are separated by two interludes in which the focus is on the human.

Try-out in Utrecht at the Gaudeamus Sessions #4 on June 15 2014
Premiere in Darmstadt during the 47th International Summer Course for New Music on August 14 2014
Dutch premiere in Utrecht at the Gaudeamus Muziekweek on September 13 2014

Sonata is part of the Ulysses Network Project.

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Conlon Foundation workshop
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