Robert van Heumen Composer Improvisor Laptop-Instrumentalist Sound-Designer
Software Developer
(music player)

April 5, 2020

CANCELLED due to COVID-19 // KP6-3.7 performance at Prix Annelie de Man @ Orgelpark492

Time: 20:15
Location: Orgelpark, Amsterdam
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During the closing concert of the Prix Annelie de Man Festival, Van Heumen will perform KP6-3.7 for digitally enhanced Baroque organ, monophonic analog synth and live electronics.

"The music of KP6-3.7 is a process, a journey and a continuation of the ideas developed for the piece First Law of Kipple composed for the Sauer organ. Using existing material from different media, morphing it unrecognizable, I try to pay homage to my inspirations and at the same time create something entirely new. The new Baroque Organ inspired me to develop my ideas for a hyper-organ into new areas, combining sampled material, analog synthesizer and processed field-recordings with the traditional organ sound to create an instrument that unites the acoustic and the electronic into a whole."

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