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December 14, 2014

SlowHZ teaser with MOROS premiere at Splendor369

(as part of the QUIOSQUE program also including sets by Nora Mulder & Han Buhrs and Steye Hallema)
Time: 15:00h
Location: Splendor, Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 116, Amsterdam

An afternoon filled with understated virtuosity, hyperactive interaction, deep drones, bloodcurdling improvisation and Sci-Fi.

Oğuz Büyükberber - Crack (2014, 15’) for Shackle (flute with electronics and laptop-instrument)
Laura Carmichael - Maloewa (2014, 5’) for flute, clarinet and soundtrack
Robert van Heumen - MOROS (2014, 10’) a science-fiction film in sound for bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet and live electronics
Wilbert Bulsink - untitled (2014, 5’) for contrabass clarinet, bass clarinet and computer

A teaser for the SlowHZ program: 6 composer/performers play 6 new compositions for the extraordinary instrumentation of contrabass clarinet, bass clarinet, two analog synthesizers, flute with electronics and laptop-instrument. In 2015 SlowHZ will present their program with all the pieces at their full length including two new works by Anne La Berge and Bart de Vrees in Splendor.

The new shop in Splendor opens its shutters once a month for new listeners. Here you will find everything you need. If you don’t hear it here, you won’t hear it anywhere! Enter the colorful world of Quiosque, a place beyond amazement.

Download the flyer.

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