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February 15, 2015

Local Stop Revisited: a concert evening at STEIM's legendary Studio 3410

Local Stop was a concert series hosted by STEIM from 2005 until 2010 in the legendary Studio 3. Visiting artists were combined with local musicians in vibrant evenings full of exciting new music. Appearances were made by David Wessel, Butch Rovan, Bonnie Jones, Joel Ryan, Ivo Bol, Amstel Saxophone Quartet, TokTek, Tina Blaine, Shackle, Tolga Tüzün, Frances-Marie Uitti, Adachi Tomomi, James Fei, Nate Wooley and more. This is Local Stop once more.

(design Nicolet Pennekamp)

Audrey Chen (voice/cello) & Maria Chavez (turntable)
Shackle Affair: Anne La Berge (flute/electronics), Robert van Heumen (laptop-instrument), Semay Wu (cello), Han Buhrs (voice)
Akim Moiseenkov (joystick) & Pauline Roux (voice)
René Baptiste Huysmans: Nazca (4-channel tape)

Audrey Chen (voice/cello) & Maria Chavez (turntable)
Friction and touch amplified by the body to mouth, strings to wood and the needle to speakers.
Chinese and Peruvian Americans, Chen and Chavez are two female artists who have been working parallel to one another for almost a decade but have never intersected their work until their winter premiere at CT-SWaM at Eyebeam Arts + Technology Center in Chelsea, NYC in 2014. Both performers center their shared practices of improvisation to combine the cello with the sounds of the turntable & voice. After their debut tour in Europe last Spring, the duo returns to NYC to perform for Roulette. Check out the Wire: for a video of their debut performance in NYC last winter.

René Baptiste Huysmans: Nazca (4-channel tape)
Impressionistically inspired by the gigantic geoglyphs constructed by the Nazca, an ancient culture that flourished from 100 BC to 800 AD in Peru. Little is known about the Cazca cutlrue, The Nazca Lines are what they are in themselves, the mystery of their ulterior motive adding to their beauty and awe.

Shackle Affair: Anne La Berge (flute/electronics), Robert van Heumen (laptop-instrument), Semay Wu (cello) , Han Buhrs (voice)
Shackle is Anne La Berge on flute and electronics and Robert van Heumen on laptop-instrument. Their performances explode the line between improvisation without borders and tightly controlled forms that are both playful and daring. With uncanny transitions that turn on a dime and long, spun-out tapestries of sound, Shackle’s music works on two levels at once: full of delightful discoveries that can happen in the blink of an eye, La Berge and Van Heumen savor the possibilities that those discoveries offer up. Shackle Affair is Shackle‘s extension into working with guestplayers. This time the Affair guests are Semay Wu on cello and Han Buhrs on voice. Semay currently attends the Sonology master program to extend her already extremely imaginative musical language into electronic territory. Han has been writing scores and scores of warped songs, displaying his own, inimitable view of the music world.

Akim Moiseenkov (joystick) & Pauline Roux (voice)

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