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November 6, 2006

Incidental trio by Seamus Cater, Audrey Chen & Robert van Heumen at DNK Amsterdam (formerly Kraakgeluiden)72

OT301 - Overtoom 301 Amsterdam - 21:30

This evening at DNK will also feature Jeff Carey’s Point Source 01 for Bass and Electronics, performed by Koen Nutters.

Seamus Cater is an English musician and composer resident in Amsterdam. His musical output spans works for modern dance, improvised electro acoustic music, jazz which is almost straight ahead, and new song forms in electronica. He plays lots of different kinds of harmonica (big, small, chromatic, diatonic), and he plays the laptop.

Audrey Chen is a Chinese-American musician and performance artist born outside of Chicago in 1976. Using the cello, voice and analog electronics, ChenĂ­s work focuses on the combination and layering of traditional and extended techniques.

Robert van Heumen (1968/NL) is electronic composer and musician, making electronic music in the studio and on stage. Recent compositions include the 5.1 composition `12 Bullets` for STEIM`s Noiseroom, music for the choreography `STAU` by Anouk van Dijk, and the audio-visual composition `Solitude` (with multi-media artist Arnoud Noordegraaf) based on a book by Paul Auster. He is active as a member of the electro-acoustic sextet OfficeR, electronic audio-visual trio SKIF++ and part of the N Collective.

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