Shackle is Anne La Berge on flute and electronics and Robert van Heumen on laptop-instrument. Their aim is to explicitly and subtly exploit shackling in both concept and material.

Curves Chile Tour Fall 2017

by Anne on November 4, 2017

Shackle continues their collaboration with Männer mit Motoren in the Curves project with a tour to Chile, South America.

Curves is a collaboration between Shackle and Männer mit Motoren (Sven Hahne: laptop and video, Matthias Muche: trombone and laptop). Their performances create stunning and unique universes of interactive image and sound improvisations.

Their Chilean Tour November 2017 includes guests Benjamin Vergara (trumpet) and Marcelo Maira (flute) from Chile and media artist Luis Negron (Venezuela / Germany) who specialize in improvisations using visual analog and digital gestures that float between the recognizable and the unknown.

This HOT SPOT ON tour will showcase our ongoing discoveries in collaborative real-time audio-visual wizardry.